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MALCOLM DUNCAN is leader of Faithworks, a Christian organisation committed to helping the Church serve local communities. BUILDING A BETTER WORLD is Malcolm's first book.


"Malcolm Duncan pleads with the Church to recognise that we cannot change the world on our own. And he challenges those who have dismissed the teaching of Christ as irrelevant or obsolete to stop and take the time to think again." Steve Chalke, from the foreword.

It is often assumed that social action and religious faith are unrelated. Those with a passion for justice do not always see a place for faith, and those with religious conviction do not always see how it can impact society. Malcolm Duncan demonstrates the vital connection between the two and highlights what this can mean to both individuals and communities in the effort to 'make poverty history'.

BUILDING A BETTER WORLD is for all who are concerned to make a difference in society. It invites those of faith and those of none into a conversation, a journey, looking at how the world can be made a better place. Eminently practical, it goes to the heart of the radical Christianity which is Jesus' legacy.