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October 12, 2006



Hi! This sounds like an interesting book. I think Christian spirituality does encourage a person to try to build a better world: one based on principles such as loving one's neighbour as much as oneself, actingly justly, learning to be peacemakers and suchlike.

However, I find these aspects of what it means to be a Christian are often made little of in many churches and the emphasis is so often on a personal faith without a concern for the wider world, except to convince them of their need to be 'saved'.

This is especially sad as I do think that Christianity, which is about changing us from the inside out and challenging comfortable lifestyles built on the exploitation and deprivation of our fellow man and on the exploitation and destruction of the beautiful world God has made, does have the potential to save planet Earth as well as the people who live on it, so long as enough people are convinced to change their ways and live the way as Jesus taught us to live.


I'd like to congratulate you on writing on this often avoided topic within our christian environment. I agree with Karin that we focus too much on personal faith and holiness and not really thinking about the outward impact of our faith in the wider community. I have just completed a dissertation on the role of churches in social justice and poverty issues. Unfortunately this book has come out slightly late for me! However, I believe it is still a useful resource for christians engaged in social action. Building the right foundations is vital to getting the message across about our role in transforming society in a positive and engaging way.

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